Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Recreational Reading: Shrink Rap and other blogs

How good can it be for a psych patient to spend hours reading the blogs of mental health professionals? It's no wonder that the sick patient will walk into the doctor's office demanding a certain medication. And could it not take away the spontaenaity or innocence often present during therapy sessions? I have mulled over the many articles, podcasts, and comments of professionals and of other psych patients. Is there enough clinical information available to cause me to second guess my doctors? That might not be necessarily bad, but it might not be good either. I think I have read enough here to realize that there are manipulative patients. I hope I'm not one of them. Maybe no harm is done, after all Hannibel Lecter was only a ficticious character. Yet I crave the information. The two weeks between sessions are tedious. I can only write so much. So then I read. If not Dostoevsky and Plath, then Shrink Rap and Dr. A.


miss mouse said...

Hi....i read often and post rarely...i have PTSD, depression, etc. recovery and living fully in the present is a challenge, and sometimes it doesn't seem worth it...but it is, mostly..and the bad patches don't last forever, tho it sure seems that way when I am in one! take care, toni.

toni said...

Miss Mouse, thanks for the encouraging words. Forever is a long long time. Two years seems almost like forever. But I am getting help from the VA.

I try to post when I think I have learned something in the process.

broke said...

We need information, and we have a right to it... Don't feel bad, and keep reading. Take care

jcat said...

Hey Toni,

just wondering how you are....?

Lulli said...

Good words.