Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Night Football

I slept 16 hours straight. This after my psychiatrist increased my Effexor dose to give me more energy. So much for that. Maybe it was a fluke of some sort. I'll give it more time.

But now I'm having trouble going to sleep tonight. I took my Seroquel at the regular time but I am wide awake. Thank goodness for football doubleheaders to keep me company.

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jcat said...

Hey Toni,

Liked what you said about 'no eye contact'. Guess blogging is the ultimate way of communicating with that restriction...chances are that most of your readers won't even be in the same country, never mind the same town.
There are a lot of good blogs written by people with MDD/BP/other psych disorders. The best thing about that is that, without being in your face in the way that a real-life relationship has to be, it kind of helps to read that there are other people feeling so much the way you do. Just that...they're in hiding too.
Stay in touch,